Advocate Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger, Esq.
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Adv. Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger, Esq. - Accompanying international investments
Israel-other countries, other countries-Israel

Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger Because of his worldwide network of connections and experience in international business, Advocate Itzhaki-Weinberger accompanies foreign investors in their investment in various sectors in Israel, and aids them both business-wise and as their legal counsel.

In the opposite direction, in light of the same network of connections and the same experience, Advocate Itzhaki-Weinberger can offer Israeli investors access to various foreign markets and suggest a wide myriad of business opportunities. He accompanies such Israeli investors both business-wise and as a legal counsel, and can connect them to foreign reliable law firms he is working with regularly in the foreign territories.