Advocate Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger, Esq.
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Adv. Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger, Esq.
Hi-Tech and Capital Raise Law

Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger Advocate Itzhaki-Weinberger is a “strange bird” in the legal landscape, due to fact that he has vast experience in the hi-tech industry (as a technologist and computer scientist!) and has worked for some of the industry leaders such as Microsoft Corporation.

Advocate Itzhaki-Weinberger has served as an officer in the elite intelligence unit of the IDF (unit 8200) and advanced there from the role of team leader to the role of chief technologist of the entire center.

Adv. Itzhaki-Weinberger became a senior Microsoft employee following the acquisition of Gteko in 2006 for 121$ million, he is also the Chairman of the information security firm IWC Limited, operating the intellectual property venture capital fund

He has initiated and accompanied large scale capital raise rounds for various hi-tech companies, and is a senior consultant to a variety of commercial firms and financial institutions worldwide.

His personal connection network allows him personal access to sources of capital and to high net worth investors.

Adv. Itzhaki-Weinberger’s academic background includes also Computer Science studies, and he has authored several engineering professional publications published in professional magazines.

Adv. Itzhaki-Weinberger was honored to be elected Senior member of IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Adv. Itzhaki-Weinberger is also a member of ISACA - Information Systems Audit & Control Association, and a Management Member of the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce (IBCC).

Day-To-Day consulting to hi-tech companies (in all legal aspects) and in particular accompanying firms in Capital Raise, IPO and negotiations with investors is a core aspect of Adv. Itzhaki-Weinberger’s work.